About Generation 150

About The Story


 21st Century demigods don't live in clouds! 150 generations ago, the creator was cleaning and sent seven unused god parts to earth to be born from human parents. Without internal souls, and being completely empty, they learned to mimic every emotion known to humans. Given drop dead gorgeous looks, five men and two women morph into new people anytime they feel like it. In this life, Ishida Kaho owns the hottest club in Tokyo, and goes after any woman he wants. For centuries, sisters Miyu and Harumi have been following him from one life to another. They manipulate and fool men for their amusement. Brothers, Paolo and Willem live in Italy and run a lucrative cartel. Matthew Levit is an archeologist living in Washington,DC. Brother number seven, Akiya, is an astrophysicist determined to find answers. The one goal all have is to get even with the creator for dumping them on earth. Each one uses their shapeshifter ability to get whatever and whomever they want; including making love to an Interpol agent and destroying two esteemed scientists. This light novel is soon to be a Manga.